About Us

headshot“About Us” is really just about me, Neil Macneale III. I write, edit, and publish this site and the 2 for 1 newsletter from my home in Menlo Park, California. I have no secretary, administrative assistant, or even an office cleaner. I was born in Ohio in 1945, attended Phillips Academy in Andover, MA, and graduated from Stanford with a BA in Political Science in 1969. Married while in college,  Ellen and I served as VISTA volunteers in rural Maryland for 2 1/2 years, and then returned to California. We have two children and four grandchildren. Once back in California, I obtained my General Contractors License and went into the remodeling business. In 1974, I joined a large commercial builder as a project manager and field superintendent, managing multi-million dollar office building construction projects. In 1987, Neil Macneale Inc. was incorporated and I developed a successful home inspection business in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m now retired, but Ellen and I still buy and renovate old homes “just for fun”.

Stock market investing has been a passion for over 35 years. However, during the busy years of starting a family and a business at the same time, the family’s retirement account was put in the hands of a very capable money manager who is a “value” investor of the Buffet and Graham school. The account did well, and for the 80s and 90s, kept just about even with the market. In early 1996, I acted on a desire to get back into the active management of my IRA account. Studying a theory of stock picking involving companies that had announced 2 for 1 splits, a procedure was developed for picking and managing stocks that showed great promise. Numerous test portfolios were tried and, at the end of July 1996, $50,000 was invested in a real IRA account that reflected the best of the test portfolios. Each month, a statement of that account is published on the back page of the 2 for 1 newsletter. Subscribe now to see the composition and value of that portfolio in the latest issue of 2 for 1. Publishing and distributing this newsletter is simply a natural extension of the excitement and pride derived from the development of an investment procedure that could help many toward their goal of financial independence.

In the 1990’s I did qualify as a Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC and the State of California, but no longer keep that registration active. Continue for additional disclosure.