Full Disclosure

The text below is the disclosure required by the SEC for Registered Financial Advisors in the past. The SEC no longer requires registration for newsletter publishers who do not manage investor accounts.

The 2 for 1® Stock Split Newsletter is a monthly advisory published by Neil Macneale, Inc., a California corporation.  The newsletter is provided to paid subscribers by email and over the Internet. The distribution of 2 for 1 is one service provided by Neil Macneale, Inc. The company also licenses the 2 for 1 Index® to USCF Advisers for their use in the management of the Stock Split Index Fund ETF. Recommendations in 2 for 1 are limited exclusively to common stocks and/or master limited partnerships listed on the NYSE and the NASDAQ. Recommendations are based on a combination of fundamental and technical factors, and are focused on stocks that have split 2 for 1 in the six months preceding each issue of the newsletter. Information on all companies is derived primarily from financial newspapers and magazines, from filings with the SEC, and from press releases available over the Internet. The 2 for 1 portfolio management procedure generally dictates that all securities be held for 2 1/2 years under most circumstances. In general, it would be unusual for securities to be held for less than one year.

The 2 for 1 Stock Split Newsletter is purchased by subscription. Rates are $20.00 per month. All subscriptions are payable in advance by monthly automatic credit card debits. Subscriptions may be canceled at any time by notifying Neil Macneale Inc. by mail, phone or email.

The recommendations and portfolio management procedures provided by Neil Macneale, Inc. and set forth in 2 for 1 are intended for use by individuals, primarily those who manage their own brokerage accounts, IRA accounts and/or college savings accounts. There are no educational, financial, or business experience criteria required of a subscriber. The 2 for 1 newsletter does not provide information tailored to individual clients. Neil Macneale III and/or Neil Macneale, Inc., through the newsletter publication, 2 for 1, is not a financial planning service.

Neil Macneale, Inc. is located at 140 O’Connor Street, Menlo Park, CA 94025. Neil Macneale III is the president and major stockholder of Neil Macneale, Inc. Mr. Macneale graduated from Phillips Academy in 1963 and Stanford University in 1969. Mr. Macneale is not a securities broker or commodities broker and has no intention of becoming involved in those businesses. Mr. Macneale is not affiliated with any persons or companies that solicit clients for investments.  Neil Macneale, Inc./Mr. Macneale does not manage funds and/or investment accounts for anyone other than members of Mr. Macneale’s immediate family and one non-profit foundation. Mr. Macneale does buy and sell securities recommended in the 2 for 1 newsletter. The model portfolio tracked by 2 for 1 is a real portfolio of stocks in an IRA custodial account in Mr. Macneale’s individual name. Mr. Macneale buys and sells stocks for this account only after each issue of 2 for 1 has been distributed and its recommendations have been posted on the Internet.  Neither Neil Macneale, Inc. nor Mr. Macneale has discretion over the investments of its newsletter subscribers, either in the choices of specific securities to be bought and sold, or the selection of the broker or dealer to be used. Mr. Macneale uses the “E*Trade” firm as the custodian for his model portfolio, which is an IRA account in Mr. Macneale’s name. From time to time, the advantages of using a discount broker to keep transaction costs to a minimum are described in 2 for 1, and E*Trade is used as an example of this type of service. E*Trade provides no products or services to 2 for 1 other than executing trades for securities, as directed by Mr. Macneale. Mr. Macneale pays E*Trades’s standard commissions for all trades and neither Neil Macneale, Inc. nor Mr. Macneale receive products or services in return for being mentioned in the 2 for 1 newsletter. The 2 for 1 Stock Split Newsletter has been, and may, in the future be marketed in part through various Internet Web Sites that are capable of taking orders for 2 for 1 “on-line.” For this service, these sites take up to 50% of the subscription fee.

The list of securities recommended by 2 for 1 and owned by Mr. Macneale in an IRA account are shown on the last page of each issue of 2 for 1. The monthly statement for this account is published as part of each edition of the 2 for 1 newsletter. It should not be assumed that recommendations made in the future will be profitable or will equal the past performance of the securities in this list.

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