The Stock Split Advantage

The 2 for 1 portfolio (My real IRA account) closed out 2017 near its all-time high. That’s a 808% overall return over 21+ years, or 10.9% annualized.

An article appearing in Bottom Line in 2013 is one of the best explanations of how the 2 for 1 strategy works. It’s brief but concise and has real life examples of the 2 for 1 portfolio management process.


  • 10.95% annualized returns since inception (as of 1/31/18)

  • Beating the Market

  • Real Results in a Real Model Portfolio

  • A few minutes a month to manage

Of the many hundreds of investment newsletters available in print and online, 2 for 1 is unique. To my knowledge, no other investment advisory has such a long record of market beating results, AND offers its readers a model portfolio that is real money in a real account at a real brokerage, AND follows a strategy that is clear, easy to execute, and takes only a few minutes a month. Join me and the 2 for 1 family as I manage my own IRA account and explain how the power of the stock split advantage can multiply your investment, as it has mine, by over ninefold. Subscribe now.


Neil Macneale

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